Arctic air force thermal jacket ja bibs

colors: olive green and black

Hood is insulated with 200g/m2 thermal insulation. Ice-pile knitted fur can last industrial washing without breaking and forming cold areas.

Rib knit in the collar, hem of the jacket and cuffs are made of Schöeller GmbH 100% Superwash Wool.

Fabric is developed by Dewellton in co-operation with European fabric maker. Fabric is made of tightly woven 100% micropolyester yarns. Fabric is feather light, simoultaniously beeing strong like workwear fabric. Weight is only 145g/m2 which is light as button shirt fabric.

Wind proof polyester fabric's air permeabiluty is 7 liters/m2 / minute. Moisture will evaporate through the fabric better than with membrane layer fabric.

Fabric is waterproof up to 700mm without nonbreathing mebrane layer or polyurethane backing. Air get through the fabric, but water doesn't.

Fabrig is finished with fluorocarbon  PTFE treatment to provide water and soil repellancy.

Schrinkage in washing in only 1% in warp and wetft direction, Color fastness is exellent 5.

Fabric lasts rubbing 60,000r Martindale, which is better than standard workwear.

Wind flap on both side of front zipper protects from wind going through zipper. High bib in front forms second clothing layer and double insulation.
High quality zippers fullfilling EN ISO standards are used e.g. by German, Brittish and Finnish army
Velcro hook and loop tape maintain 64% grip after 10,000 openings.
Side zippers are made of molded plastic for easy opening and closing. Side zippers are fully opening abling dressing over existing clothing.

Tightening elastic is adjustable and easily replaceable

Bibs have high waist to block wind and cold air
Expanding cargo pockets in front of legs are easily accessible.
High front provides thermal protection. Bibs body length is adjustable with Velcro on shoulder