Kamppi button shirt with epaulets

Mens cut and womens cut

Scandinavian measurements table

sizes: all C-sizes available

100% cotton shirts

Button shirts are made of high quality100% easy care cotton. Most often only shaking the shirt and stretching the seams after wash is enough.

Cotton is comfortable to wear and lasts as long from wash to wash.

Color is optical white which maintais presticious look and whiteness.

Industrially washable shirts

Industrially washable shirts are made of 65/35% Pes/Cotton Oxford fabric.

Fabric can be washed even in 95 C. Fabric colorfastness is exellent and schrinkage in wash only 1,5% in both direction.

Stretch shirt

Sretch shirts are made of fabric which have elastic fibers for ultimate comfort.

all of the above shirt are made with same pattern.

SA-Int Army shirt
SA-Int army polo-shirts: tactical black.

Cotton, polyester, modakryl. LOI-value, (Limiting Oxygen Index, oxygen n. 20 %). Knit fiber construction purpose is preventing burning.

Sizes: XS-3XL